Privacy Policy

Webintense does not collect personal information. No email address is required to download products or use this website.

Webintense does not track IP addresses, user locations or usage. The Webintense Stealth Project is designed for all to use.

Webintense Stealth is a clean operating system with no additional software for tracking or collecting information. The Webintense Stealth Virtual computer is constructed with a Debian base and a customized xfce4 desktop shell. It has minimal programs to allow the Virtual computer to run on a host* computer using low resources.

The only programs added to the Webintense Stealth Virtual Computers are the ones needed to run the particular version of Webintense Stealth. No other programs or software are hidden in the system.

There are no additional hidden software or advertising programs of any kind installed. Webintense and the Webintense Stealth project is about privacy and security.


Terms of Use

Webintense Stealth is created entirely with open source software. By using the Webintense Stealth Virtual computer you agree to the terms of open source software. These terms can be reviewed at or search to find other sources of the rules regarding the use and distribution of open source software.

Open source software is free to use and distribute. Please feel free to share our products and any information about the Webintense Stealth Project with friends, family and business associates.

Webintense does not require any personal information to use the site. No account or signup is required. No personal information is gathered.

Webintense and the Webintense Stealth Project were created as an alternative to costly security suite subscription and intrusive security software that most of the time fail to protect the computer it is installed on.

Files can be copied between the Host* and Guest* easily so it is easy to download music, video and files with confidence and security.

The Webintense Stealth team thanks you for your interest in The Webintense Stealth Project and hope you enjoy our efforts to help make the web a more secure and safe environment for all.



Webintense and or The Webintense Stealth Project do not claim to own any of the software packages involved in the creation of the Webintense Stealth Virtual computer.

The Webintense Stealth Virtual computer comes with no warranty to the full extent of the law. "Webintense Stealth" is a collection of open source software packages used to create a virtual linux system that runs inside a host* computer using the VMware Player. All packages used in the creation of "Webintense Stealth" are open source and free for all to use.

Webintense Stealth is all about security and safe internet use but does not claim to be a security program. Stealth does not replace Anti Virus Software. Stealth is not a firewall.  Stealth blocks all access to the host computer from hostile entites while you are connected to the internet using a Stealth portal. Computer security best practices is to always have authoritative Anti Virus and Security Firewalls enabled on your host system at all times.

Using the Webintense Stealth Virtual computer greatly reduces the risk of malicious software by using a virtual computer to go online. By using the "Webintense Stealth" desktop to surf the web and download files the Host computer is not open to attack.

Webintense Stealth runs on the free VMware player which is easy to use. It is suggested that if you are not used to using VMware that you are careful about making setting adjustments.

It is recommended that a copy of the downloaded zip file be kept in case there is a problem. Webintense and or the Webintense Stealth Project is not responsible for any loss of files on the Webintense Stealth computer because of operator error.

Webintense makes no guarantee of security. The web is a dangerous place so always be careful.
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