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Firefox Browser
File download size 1.2 GB
Tor Browser
File download size 1.1 GB
Google Chrome
File download size 1.1 GB
Webintense Stealth is an open source product and is free to download. You can help by making a donation to help with administrative costs.
You must download and install the free VMware Player to use the Webintense Virtual Computer. If you are using a Mac you will need to download and install VMWare Fusion 11.
VMWare Fusion 11 | Try Fusion 11 Free for 30 days! | Download VMware Player Here

Included Features on all Stealth Versions are as Follows:

The Web Browser of Your Choice - Firefox, Google Chrome or Tor Browser.
Ghostery - Anti-tracking addon installed on all browsers.
Adblock Plus - Ad blocking addon installed on all browsers.
Transmission - Torrent client for creating and downloading torrent files.
Xarchiver - Create and extract compressed files. (zip,7zip,bz, etc...)
Ristretto - Simple image viewer for viewing your downloaded images.
File Manager - Manage your files and downloads easily.
Xfburn - Simple CD/DVD burning software.
Leafpad - Small light weight text editor.
Note: Stealth does not replace Anti Virus Software. Stealth is not a firewall.  Stealth blocks all access to the host computer from hostile entites while you are connected to the internet using a Stealth portal. Computer security best practices is to always have authoritative Anti Virus and Security Firewalls enabled on your host system at all times.
Webintense Stealth

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