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• General Information on the Resist-vA Products
• Information on the Resist-vA Virtual Computer, System requirements and instructions on how to run Resist-vA using the free VMware Player
• Information that will help you get the most out of your Virtual Computer. How to customize the desktop and other useful things
If you are concerned about security and most people are these days then Resist-vA is for you.
• The Resist-vA Project is a completely clean linux virtual operating system. It runs as a virtual machine inside your computer operating system by using the free virtualization software from VMware.
• The Resist-vA files can be extracted to a thumb drive for even better security. When using a thumb drive you are able to use Resist-vA in any computer that has the VMware player installed.

Resist-vA Virtual Computers
Please read the directions on the About Resist-vA page before Downloading
Click here to Download the Free VMware Player
A Light Weight Virtual Computer. Designed for browsing the web with increased privacy and security. Featuring Firefox Web Browser with Adblock Plus and Ghostery to prevent browser activity tracking this virtual computer is ready to go to work to help keep your internet experience safe and private.
Download Resist-vA with the Mozilla Firefox Browser
File Download Size 1.1 GB
Resist-vA with Tor
This virtual computer has both Firefox and The Tor Browser. Tor gives you added privacy and security. Same basic design as the browser Computer with the addition of the Tor Browser. Tor software protects you by bouncing your communications around a network of relays all over the world.
Download Resist-vA with the Tor Browser
File Download Size 1.4 GB
Resist-vA Chrome
A virtual computer with the Google Chrome Browser. A fast safe and lightweight browser from Google with all of the Google features including the Google Store. Both Adblocker Plus and Ghostery have been installed to increase privacy and security.
Download Resist-vA with Google Chrome Browser
File Download Size 1.25 GB
All the Resist-vA virtual computers have a Debian Linux 8.06 base. The user interface is a custom XFCE4 desktop environment for speed and stability. Basic features in all the virtual computers are as follows:
Transmission - Torrent client for creating and downloading torrent files
Xarchiver Compressed archive manager - Create and extract compressed file types
Ristretto - Image Viewer for viewing your downloaded images
eDocument Reader - View PDF documents
Flash Player Controls - Control how flash player accesses flash content
Thunar File Manager - Manage your files and downloads easily

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News & Notices.
Notice : December 01, 2016 - Resist-vA 8.0 is now available for download.

• New build with Debian 8.6.0 base operating system.

• All software has been updated to the newest release available

• Adblocker plus and Ghostery have been added to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers to increase security and privacy. By default all controlls have been enabled. To change these settings use the shortcuts in the browser favorites which we have included for your convenience. Tor Browser already has security in place.

Donations are not required for download but are appreciated. Please help us keep Resist-vA free of charge. Help us make a difference. Spread the Word! To make a suggestion or if you need help or advice please check out the FAQ's page or the Forum.


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