Concerned about online security? Most people are these days. It's a scary world.

Use "Webintense Stealth" and take back your privacy and security.


"Webintense Stealth" is a virtual computer running on a Debian Linux base and will run on Windows or Linux computers using free virtualization software from VMware. If you are using a Mac computer you will need to download VMware Fusion to be able to run virtualization software. Specifications and and a link to a free 30 day trial of VMware Fusion can be found on our About Page.

If you are using an android phone then you are already using a linux operating system. Similiar in design to an android, the user interface is easy to understand and use. Everything has already been configured for your convenience.

There are 3 Choices of the "Webintense Stealth" Virtual Computer System. Firefox Browser, Tor Browser and the Google Chrome Browser.
Please read the directions on the About Page for information and instructions on how to install and use the free "VMware Player" and the "Webintense Stealth" virtual computer
To view our Webintense Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Link to Open Source Information regarding Open Source software please check out our Legal Page
Included features on all Stealth versions are as follows:

The web browser of your choice - Firefox, Google Chrome or the Tor Browser.
Ghostery - Anti-tracking addon installed on all browsers.
Adblock Plus - Ad blocking addon installed on all browsers.
Transmission - Torrent client for creating and downloading torrent files.
Xarchiver - Create and extract compressed files. (zip,7zip,bz, etc...)
Ristretto - Simple image viewer for viewing your downloaded images.
File Manager - Manage your files and downloads easily.
Xfburn - Simple CD/DVD burning software.
Leafpad - Small light weight text editor.
Download Webintense Stealth With Your Choice of Web Browsers.
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Webintense Stealth is an open source product and is free to download.
Please help us by making a donation to help with server and administrative costs

News & Notices.


January 26, 2019 - Version 1.4.0 is now available for download.

• We have added a Tor Proxy to both the Firefox version and the Google Chrome version.

• The Tor Proxy disguises the location and ip address allowing better security for the user.

• To see how this works, simply type showip.net into the adress bar of the browser. This will show the ip address of the user. Each time the Stealth portal starts up the browser will show a different ip address and location.


Webintense Stealth is frequently updated when newer, stable versions of the Debian base and software become available . This allows us to always maintain a system with cutting edge technology
We thank you for your interest in our Stealth Project. We hope you enjoy using it and sharing it with your friends. Webintense Stealth is open source software and is free to use and share. Spread the Word!
Note: Stealth does not replace anti-virus software. Stealth is not a firewall. Stealth blocks all access to the host computer from hostile entites while connected to the internet using a Stealth portal. Computer security best practices is to always have authoritative anti-virus and security firewall enabled on the host system at all times.
Webintense Stealth

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