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"Webintense Stealth" is created entirely with open source software. By using the "Webintense Stealth" Virtual computer you agree to the terms of open source software. These terms can be reviewed at Opensource.org. or search to find other sources of the rules regarding the use and distribution of open source software.

Open source software is free to use and distribute. Please feel free to share our products and any information about the "Webintense Stealth" Project with friends, family and business associates.

Webintense does not require any personal information to use the site. No account or signup is required. No personal information is gathered.

Webintense and the '"Webintense Stealth" Project were created as an alternative to costly security suite subscription and intrusive security software that most of the time fail to protect the computer it is installed on.

Files can be copied between the Host* and Guest* easily so it is easy to download music, video and files with confidence and security.

The "Webintense Stealth" team thanks you for your interest in The "Webintense Stealth" Project and hope you enjoy our efforts to help make the web a more secure and safe environment for all.

Information on the "Webintense Stealth" Virtual Computer, system requirements, instructions on how to install and run "Webintense Stealth" using the free VMware Player.
Some of the most frequently asked questions about the "Webintense Stealth" are answered here.
Information that will help you get the most out of your Virtual Computer. How to customize the desktop, shutting down the system and other useful info.
Webintense Stealth is open source and is free to download.
Please help us by making a small donation of $5.00 to help with the server and administration costs.

Webintense makes no guarantee of security. The web is a dangerous place so always be careful.

Host* Computer that VMware is running on
Guest* "Webintense Stealth" Virtual Computer
Webintense Stealth

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