When using a thumb drive you can use "Webintense Stealth" in any computer

that has the free VMware Player installed on it.



Some Tips and Tricks for Webintense Stealth

Backing up the system

It is strongly recommended that the zip file is kept as a backup. "Webintense Stealth" is a stable virtual operating system but, it is always advisable to keep backups. If for some reason there is a problem a new copy can then be unzipped from the already previously downloaded zip file.


Shutting down the system.

When shutting down the virtual appliance it needs to be done just like any computer, with the power off button. It is ok to suspend the appliance. This way it starts back up right where it left off. To do this simply click the X in the top right corner of the VMware player and select 'Yes' when prompted.


System and software updates

The "Webintense Stealth" operating system and software are updated regularly. Any time there is a distribution upgrade or when updated software is released we will update out products accordingly. By doing this we are able to always bring our clients cutting edge technology.


Tips on downloading files.

There is a torrent client and an archiver installed in all the versions of "Webintense Stealth". It is recommended that any downloaded torrent files are extracted on the "Webintense Stealth" virtual appliance desktop and examined before being transferred to the Host* computer. This is just common sense.


Security software

Using the "Webintense Stealth" virtual computer to go online, download music and video, surf the web and view your email reduces and risk to the Host* computer. Linux, because of its design rarely if ever gets viruses. I have used Linux for years and never have had viruses on any Linux system that I have used. Though this is excellent security for keeping the Host* computer safe it is still strongly recommended that the Host* computer still have adequate security software installed.


Changing the desktop background

If you don't like the color just right click on the "Webintense Stealth" desktop, select desktop settings and change the background. There are several for you to choose from as featured on the images displayed on this website. To view the different desktops available go to the home page, scroll down to the Resis-vA virtual computer section and click on an image to view a larger view of the desktops. There are six that are featured on the images and several others available as well.

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