Privacy and Security

"Webintense Stealth" is a clean operating system that contains no added software for tracking or collecting information. There are no additional hidden software or advertising programs of any kind installed. Webintense and the "Webintense Stealth" project is about the users privacy and security.

The original version of the stealth styled virtual computer was created for the authors personal use and after 2 years of using and testing, the author decided to share it on so others could benefit from the security and privacy it provided.

The browsers use adblocking and anti-tracking software to hide personal user online search and shopping information and to prevent browser tracking. The browsers also use a proxy to connect to the internet which hides the users location and IP address from malicious entities.

To see how Webintense Stealth does this; simply open up the virtual computer browser and type ( ) into the address bar and the site will show your IP address and geographical location. You will notice it is a random location created by the Tor socks5 proxy.

You are now secure in knowing your identity and location are hidden from prying eyes.

We here at Webintense Stealth are proud of our product and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions

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